About Biocure

Production according to customer specifications

Besides developing products on its own initiative. Bio-Cure also accepts commissions from other companies. You can leave all your product development work to Bio-Cure or opt for co-development products. Bio-Cure produces products in accordance with the GMP & HACCP standards. The company can supply in different volumes and packaging, which means small orders can also be accepted. This is attractive for innovation-oriented customers.

The flexible approach applies to veterinary and human dietary supplements as well as cosmetics. Both non-recurring and repeat orders are possible.

Special wishes

Bio-Cure can also cater to any special requirements you might have. Examples include a dietary supplement in liquid form, capsule or softgel capsule for strength-sport participants or a caring shampoo with an ” Olympic odor” provided in hotels during The Olympic Games. In the veterinary field, it could be a dietary supplement with an inhibitory effect on inflammation of the joints.


Although based in the Netherlands, Bio-Cure mainly supplies markets outside the Netherlands. Many German customers value Bio-Cure’s products, traditionally a country with a keen interest in health and well-being. Interest in Bio-Cure’s products among top athletes in America is also striking. Besides these countries, we also have customers in Canada, Sweden, Finland, England, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain and Greece.

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